Preventative Maintenance Members Promotion


Becoming a member of the PMS Program entitles our UHC customers to multiple benefits.


  • Cleaning and Routine Inspections of your furnace and/or cooling system which can add years of your life to your system.
  • Clean and maintained units can increase efficiency of the unit which can save money during operations.
  • These yearly routine inspections help avoid unnecessary costly repairs.
  • By enrolling in the PMS Program, and completing service maintenance each year on all equipment selected, you will become and maintain your UHC preferred customer status. A UHC preferred customer received priority service, no holiday or weekend rates and 10% off all parts and labor if service is required on the selected equipment. UHC preferred customers will also receive 5% off a new install, when replacing the equipment that was selected on the program. Discounts will only apply on selected equipment that has been maintained yearly.
  • As a preferred customer, you will receive a reminder from our office to schedule your necessary maintenance.